Accessibility Statement

At Ludwig Coffee, we are committed to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We strive to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at the AA level to provide an inclusive and user-friendly online experience for all our visitors. We understand the importance of accessibility and are continuously working to improve the usability and accessibility of our website.



Contact Us: 

If you encounter any accessibility barriers while using our website or have any suggestions on how we can improve accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to us via email at

Expected Response Time:

We value your feedback and inquiries, and we are committed to responding to accessibility-related emails within 1-3 business days. Please note that our response time may vary during weekends and holidays.

Accessibility Efforts:

We are actively taking steps to enhance the accessibility of our website, including but not limited to:

  1. Alternative Text: Providing alternative text for images to ensure that screen readers can accurately convey their content to users with visual impairments.
  2. Keyboard Navigation: Making sure that all interactive elements and content on our website are navigable and usable via keyboard commands for individuals who rely on keyboard navigation.
  3. Contrast and Color: Ensuring that text and images have sufficient contrast and that color choices do not create barriers for users with color blindness or other vision impairments.
  4. Headings and Structure: Using proper heading structure to organize content and facilitate easy navigation for screen readers and keyboard users.
  5. Responsive Design: Designing our website to be responsive, adapting to various screen sizes and devices, for a seamless experience across different platforms.
  6. Video and Audio Content: Providing captions and transcripts for video and audio content to ensure that users who are deaf or hard of hearing can access the information.
  7. Form Labels: Associating clear and descriptive labels with form fields to assist screen reader users in understanding and completing online forms.

Ongoing Commitment:

We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the accessibility of our website over time. We regularly review our website, conduct accessibility audits, and engage with accessibility experts to identify and address any potential issues.


Your input is valuable to us. If you encounter any accessibility challenges while using our website or have suggestions for improvement, please email us at Your feedback will help us enhance the accessibility of our website for all users.

Ludwig Coffee Accessibility Team Email: Expected Response Time: 1-3 business days